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SIHASI Sounds & Images Wedding Reception Timetable


Event date_____________





BALANCE DUE TOCOLLECT $__________         


DJ’S NAME________________________________________________________________





NAME OF HALL_____________________________________________________________


ADDRESS OF HALL_________________________________________________________


NAME OF CATERER_________________________________________________________


NAME OF FLORIST__________________________________________________________

NAME OF CAKE SUPPLIER___________________________________________________




FORMAL__________            COOL CASUAL__________                   


BUSINESS (SUIT AND TIE)__________    THEME__________          


IF THEMED ATTIRE, DESCRIBE THE THEME____________________________________












ANY OTHER NOTES OR CONCERNS?______________________


THE RECEPTION                                                                              


1.      DJ starts playing at what time?  (Guests arrive at reception) _________________________


2.      Bridal party arrives at what time? __________________________________________


3.      Announce Bridal Party at arrival or at dances? _______________________________

         If at arrival, what song? 

(recommend “Get Ready for This”/2 Unlimited) _______________________________________________________

It is usually very difficult to announce the Bridal Party to a song that has words in it.  Remember, this is an exciting event and the DJ will be setting the tone for the rest of the night.  We strongly suggest using the recommended song, but will use whatever you like.  You will more than likely be disappointed if you use a song that has someone singing in it while you are being announced.


4.      Bridal Party names (In order to be announced.  Spell phonetically.)


Parents, if you want them announced.  Write any special circumstances that exist.






























Flower Girl___________________________________________________________


Ring Bearer__________________________________________________________


Best Man____________________________________________________________


Maid (single)/Matron (married) of Honor___________________________________




Bride(married name)_________________________________________________



5.      Toast

Is the Toast to be given before dinner (recommended)

or after the last guest is served?_________________________________________

·         Who is giving the Toast? 

(Best Man, Maid/Matron of Honor, if other, specify who)________________________

Sometimes it is nice to have both the Best Man and Maid/Matron of Honor give the Toast. 

Another idea is to involve the Bride and/or Groom’s parents. 

It also looks nice to bring the entire Bridal Party to the dance floor for the Toast.

·         Is anyone else giving a Toast?__________


·         If someone else is giving a Toast, who and when?________________________


·         If there is a pre-dinner prayer/invocation, who is giving?____________________


·         Any other pre-dinner notes or concerns?



6.      Dinner

·         Buffet style or formal/sit down________________________________________

·         Bridal Party back to the head table. 

          Bride and Groom eat first followed by the Bridal Party, then the reserved tables


·         Our contract indicates that the DJ will eat a meal behind the DJ Stand. 

                       Let us know if other provisions need to be made.


·         What time are the caterers scheduled to serve dinner?____________________


·         If dinner is buffet style, who is releasing the tables?  (Caterer or DJ?)_________


·         If the DJ is releasing the tables, is it OK for him to have fun with this?_________


·         If there are any reserved tables, how many are there, and who is sitting there?



·         Are there any other notes or concerns about dinner?  Anything unusual happening?



7.      Style of music during Dinner (Light dinner jazz or classical)_________________

Light dinner jazz is recommended.  This is a combination specially selected from year’s of wedding experience. 

It is a mix of many different musical artists, although we do try to avoid Kenny G. music whenever possible. 

The music is comfortable for dining. 

We have found that playing the music of one artist or playing all classical music is not appealing to most guests and strongly recommend a light dinner jazz theme for dinner.


8.      After Dinner Events

·         Which is first?

·         Cake cutting________


·         Formal dances________

It is appropriate to have either the cake cutting or formal dances approximately 20 minutes after the last dinner guest is served. 

If there are guests from out of town, or if the weather is hot, it is best to cut the cake first. 

If the caterers are slicing/serving the cake, it is best to have the dances first. 

We usually recommend cutting the cake first, so the flow of the dancing will not be interrupted once it starts.



9.      Cake Cutting

·         Who will be slicing and serving the cake?______________________________

Do not assume that the caterer will be slicing and serving the cake.  The caterer will not do this unless it has been pre-arranged with them.  The company/person who made the wedding cake will sometimes provide the service, or a family member or friend can do this


·         Are the Bride/Groom providing the cake cutting utensil?  If not, who is? ________


·         Where will the cake cutting utensil be prior to the Cake Cutting?______________

 The Cake Cutting utensil is one thing that is frequently lost or misplaced.  It is a good idea to store it in its box under the Cake Cutting table until it is time to cut the cake. 

This is probably the most secure place in the reception hall because no one will want to move anything under the table during the reception in fear of harming the cake.


·         How are the Bride and Groom going to serve the cake to each other?___________

It can be fun to “smoosh” the cake into the Best Man and Maid/Matron of Honor.


10. Formal Dances

·         First dance for the Bride and Groom will be?  (Include correct song title and artist)



Traditionally, the second dance in the Formal Dances is for the Bride with her Father, (The Father/Daughter Dance). 

If the Groom wants a Mother/Son Dance, that would either be the third dance, or could be combined with the Father/Daughter Dance. 

A possibility could be to start the Father/Daughter Dance and have the Groom/Mother join half way through the song. 

The next dance is typically for the Bridal Party, (Bridal Party Dance). 

The dance following the Bridal Party Dance is usually when the dance floor is opened for “slow” dancing for all guests.  A good way to open the dance floor and encourage guests to dance is to have the Bridal Party go into the crowd and bring someone up to dance for the last of the Formal Dances and opening of the dance floor at the same time.

And yet another option can be what is referred to as the "Anniversary Dance".

The Anniversary Dance brings all of the married couples to the dance floor, including the Bride and Groom.

The DJ eliminates couples from the dance floor by how long they have been married, starting with "one day or less", and continuing on to find the couple that has been married the longest.  The Bride/Groom can present this couple with flowers or a bottle of champagne.

·         Second dance will be what?  Any selected song?  (Include correct song title and artist)



·         Third dance will be what?  Any selected song?  (Include correct song title and artist)



·         Fourth dance will be what?  Any selected song?  (Include correct song title and artist)



·         Fifth dance will be what?  Any selected song?  (Include correct song title and artist)



·         Any other special formal dances?  Any notes or concerns about the formal dances?




11. Mixed Dances

After the Formal Dances, mixed dancing starts. 

This is where the professional DJ reviews the guests in attendance to look for the right blend of dance music. 

Typically, slow music starts.  The DJ will play a mix of older slow music to encourage the older guests to dance.  If there isn’t a mix of older guests, the DJ may use more modern slow music. 

After a mix of slow music has been played, the DJ will increase the tempo and typically go to a mix of “oldies” fast music. 

This is a mix of popular 50’s/60’s style music that is catered to the older guest, although younger guests are usually very responsive to this music also. 

After a set of 50’s/60’s has been played, the DJ will normally begin the Formal/Fun events of the evening.



12.   Formal/Fun Events

Dollar Dance.  If there is a Dollar Dance, it should be the first of the Formal/Fun Events.  This should be done while many guests are still present.  Following are 3 types of Dollar Dances.  Select the type of Dollar Dance for this reception. 

Is there going to be a Dollar Dance at this reception?__________ If yes, check one of the following.


__________ The Traditional Dollar Dance.  This consists of the Maid/Matron of Honor and the Best Man collecting bills from guests to dance with The Bride and Groom.  This is usually boring.


__________ The Taped Dollar Dance.  This consists of the Bride and Groom bring two rolls of wide scotch tape to the reception.  The Maid/Matron of Honor and Best Man give each participating guest a piece of tape.  The bills are taped to the Bride and Groom.  The Bride and Groom get together for the last dance and remove the bills from each other.  This is lots of fun, and looks great in the wedding pictures.  The tape should not cause any harm to any clothing.


__________ The Dash for Cash.  Instead of a dollar dance, the Bride and Groom each dash through the room with a bucket or basket to see who can collect the most cash from the guests while the DJ plays one fast/fun song.  The money is counted by the Best Man and Maid/Matron of Honor to see who won, the Bride or the Groom  This is the most fun of all events.  It moves quickly and is very interactive with the guests.



13. Garter/Bouquet       


·        Is there going to be a garter/bouquet?__________


1)The single women are called out.


2)The Bride throws the bouquet.


The Bride’s bouquet is something that is often misplaced.  This should be placed under the cake table until it’s time for the bouquet toss.

It is recommended that the Bride bring two bouquets.  One for the adult single women and one for the little girls. Children may get hurt in an adult bouquet toss and/or an adult garter toss. 

Another idea might be to have a candy toss for the younger guests.  The Bride and Groom can toss handfuls of candy or bouquets of lollipops to all of the children.

·         Will there be a separate bouquet or candy toss for the children? _____________

·         If yes, how will this work?  What will be tossed for the children and how?




3)The single men are called out.


This is when the reception begins turning into a real party.  An idea that works is to have the woman who caught the bouquet pick out four of the single men to do the YMCA just before the garter removal.

·         Will there be the YMCA with four of the single men? ______________________


4)The Groom removes the garter.


·         Anything unusual about the garter removal? ___________________________


5)The garter replacement.


It is traditional for the single male who caught the garter to place it on the single female’s Leg, (the female who caught the bouquet). 

To have more fun, not be as embarrassing for the female, and allow the male to keep the garter, it is recommended to have the female place the garter on the male’s leg.


·         Male on female placement or female on male? __________________________


4. Grand March


Needed will be; chairs, liquor (if desired) in shot glasses, container to hold money (optional).  This is usually led by the Best Man and Maid/Matron of Honor, followed by the Bride and Groom and the Bridal Party.

The Grand March was a popular reception item through the 1970’s.  It is not as popular now and is not recommended.

·         Will there be a Grand March? _______________________________________


15. Additional Fun Events


·        Are there any other fun events planned?  Any notes or concerns about fun events?









16. Music


·         How old is the Bride __________                             How old is the Groom __________


          Has either ever been married before?  _______ 

          If yes, provide details __________________________

This is to be sure that nothing embarrassing is said for couples who have been married before.


After the fun events are over the party begins to heat up. 

Knowing the ages of the Bride and Groom help judge the types of music styles that may work for this reception. 

Retro 80’s music has been the most popular dance music style to move into at this point. 

The professional DJ will again review the guests still present to determine what dance music will be best responded to. 

It is important to remember that the music that the Bride and Groom may like to listen to might not be the best music for the guests to dance to, but this is your wedding and we will do what you want.


Preferences in music styles.  Yes for those that apply.  No to those that are definitely out.


__________  Swing Music                                          __________   Slow Old/40’s Style


__________   Oldies 50’s/60’s                                  __________   Disco/70’s


__________   Classic Rock 70’s/80’s                      __________   Retro Dance/80’s


__________  Alternative                                               __________   Rap


__________  Classical/Background                         __________   Club Style


__________  Current Top 40’s                                   __________   Country


__________  Macarena                                                __________  Line Dances


__________  Electric Slide                                          __________  Hokey Pokey


__________   Cha Cha Slide                                       __________  Chicken Dance


·         Specific songs preferred to be played.  Shy away from selecting too many specific songs.





          Are there any songs that should not be played?  Any offensive songs?




Playing a variety of music styles is a big part of our programming that will make the dancing segment of your wedding reception a huge success.

It is impossible to play any one specific type of music that will appeal to everyone.

Ethnic tunes, oldies, and today's hits are combined in a cohesive presentation to allow your guests the opportunity to participate in your celebration, and enjoy themselves on the dance floor.

Playing heavy metal or gangsta rap, for example, will upset and displease some of your guests while pleasing a very small minority.

People often request songs that do not "fit in" with your intended programming, or they may request inappropriate songs, such as those about divorce. We do not honor such requests. Nor, will songs with explicit lyrics be played.

You may have specific songs which you would like to have played during your reception, and you may prefer to eliminate certain songs or kinds of music.

We do however, discourage you from setting the entire music format as this is rarely successful. Our nearly 20 years of experience are the best judge of what will get your guests up and dancing. We will also accept danceable requests from your guests.

Music volume will be kept at an appropriate level so it doesn't "interfere" with the event.

Through out all segments of the reception, cocktail hour, dinner and dancing, the music will add to the proper atmosphere.

During dinner the music will be loud enough to fill in any "dead" air that may occur while people are enjoying their meal. However, the music level will not be so loud that it is distracting when you are engaged in normal conversation.

As the event progresses into the dancing portion of the event, the volume will increase.

The increase will be mainly concentrated on the dance floor. This will add to the excitement of the party and help to entice your guests to the dance floor.

Some people may prefer conversation over dancing. They should be able to find quieter areas away from the dance floor. Usually those that complain about the volume are those sitting in front of the speakers.



17. End of Night

Although we charge by the event and not by the hour, we have found that somewhere between 3-5 hours is typical for a reception. 

No one ever wants their reception to end. 

It is a fairy tale that should last forever, but has to eventually. 

If all events are complete and everyone appears to be finished, the DJ might suggest to you that it is time to end the reception.


What time is “last call” for the bar __________


The end time for the DJ should be timed in conjunction with the closing of the bar, approximately 30-45 minutes before the hall should be vacated.

Is there an end time scheduled for the DJ?  If so, what time? __________

 What time does the hall need to be vacated? _________


Final Information


·         How many guests are expected? _________


·         Directions to hall _________________________________________________



·         Anything unusual about the hall? ________________________________________________________



Notes to Share with the Bride and Groom

Do not forget the throwaway bouquet or the cake cutting knife. 

These items are frequently misplaced. 

The Bride and Groom should have someone take charge of these items, and they should be placed underneath the cake table.


·         There are many special concerns if alcohol is being served.

·         Coffee should be available at the end of the night.

·         Taxis or transportation should be available to take care of any guests who should not be driving.

·         Bar tenders should be reminded to check I.D.’s to assure that underage guests are not drinking. 

          The Bridal Party should not serve any alcohol to underage guests.

·         Bar tenders should be reminded to “cut off” any guest who has had too much to drink.

·         The DJ bears no legal liability for any guests who have had too much alcohol.

·         Whoever is hosting the event is responsible for anyone who leaves the reception intoxicated.


·         Be sure that there is a “wishing well” or something to put the cash and cards in. 

         This should be emptied sometime before the end of the night by someone trustworthy.


·         The Best Man is responsible to tend to the needs of the Bride and Groom. 

          The Best Man and Maid/Matron of Honor should gather the Bridal party when needed for events.

  • All of your service providers will more than likely do their best to make sure you have an outstanding and memorable evening.  It would be okay to tip the DJ if you feel he has done an exceptional job.  All tips received by the DJ remain his solely to keep and do not get shared with the company or other service providers.


copyright 08/01/18 (revision) - all rights reserved SIHASI Sounds & Images,

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May not be used without permission.  No parts may be copied or transferred without permission

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